tropical storm Dorian and Flossie

Hello everyone its Leah and right now there are 2 tropical storms. 1 in the Atlantic, 1 in the Pacific. First we’ll be talking about tropical storm Dorian.

Well I’ve been researching and Dorian is having a tough time.  Because there is a lot of dry air around the storm which is weakening the Dorian,  plus all of the vertical wind shear is taking its toll.  I’ve seen satellite pics over the past week and Dorian has lost form to its shape YAY!! for us!  Now tropical storm Dorian will not strengthen to a cat 1 hurricane.  According to the National Hurricane Center.

what it looks like

what it looks like

National Hurricane Center forcast

its path

its path


Now I’ll  show you tropical storm Flossie. The tropical storm is 770 miles away from Hilo, Hawaii and is traveling west at 20 miles an hour. 35 mph winds extend 175 miles out from the center, and is supposed to bring heavy rain.  It’s probably going to hit early afternoon Monday.  I’m letting you all know the track may change over a couple of days .

National Hurricane Center forcast

National Hurricane Center forcast

what it looks like

what it looks like

where its hitting hawaii

where its hitting Hawaii


Fun Facts!!! 😀

Cute Cat: Did you know that tropical storm Dorian is the 4 tropical storm of the 2013 Atlantic season?

Leah: No I did not know that Cute Cat thanks for telling me!! 😀

Cute Cat: You’re  welcome Leah!! Glad I could tell you.



Who is going to get a WHITE CHRISTMAS?

This year lots of people will get a WHITE CHRISTMAS!  Including Texas… cool right?  I’m looking at the weather forecast right now. Back to the weather… Salt Lake City: snow. Also if you are by high elevation you will get more snow. Up by Richmond, Virginia: rain… this is weird around Houston, Texas because of a severe weather alert and  lots of wind, rain and maybe even  some snow!  The jet stream has dropped down by the panhandle of Texas and the warm air  from the Gulf of Mexico has come up so… when warm air mixes with cold air sometimes makes tornados AHHHHH! NO! Ugh, not so good. Why is the northern part of Texas getting a WHITE CHRISTMAS? Because the earth goes around the sun so sometimes it is close to the sun sometimes it is far away from the sun. We are on the far side of the sun where it is cooler in the north part of the earth.   Wow that was a lot of explaining .  There is also an unnamed storm that will move past Salt Lake City then move down to Oak city. I mean Oklahoma city. Mississippi chance 5 percent for tornados.  Georgia and Florida, 3 percent for tornados. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

If you get a chance., let me know if you got a WHITE CHRISTMAS where you live.


Seriously! There really is such a thing as Non-Aqueous Rain

Aqueous means water and so since we are talking about non-aqueous rain we are talking about other stuff instead of water falling from the the sky.  For example, there have been reported cases of jellyfish, spiders, toads, birds, fish, even parts of cows falling from the sky.  Sometimes the creatures are frozen in water or torn to pieces when they fall from the sky.  Maybe waterspouts or tornados pick the creatures up, sometimes thousands of feet in the air, then winds carry them away from the area of the storm and then drop them in a place that had no storm.

January 13, 2012 – Lorento, Phillipines – the last known occurrence of Fish falling from the sky.

June 20, 2010 – Rakoczifalva, Hungary – the last sighting of frogs and toads.

1894 – Bath, England – Jellyfish.

July 11, 2007 – Jennings, Louisiana – Worms

April 6, 2007 – Salta Province, Argentina – Spiders

Raining fish in Northern Argentina – 1989

Raining Frogs

Raining Frogs


Raining Spiders

Raining Balloons

Well…it could rain balloons…if a bunch of kids let go of their helium filled balloons at the same time.

It’s a balloon party!