Super Derecho Coming?

First I want to tell you what a derecho is, by the way in Spanish means (straight). It is a very long lived  intense wind storm. It can have winds of 58 miles and above. Though fairly rare, the last Super Derecho was on May 30 2012.  It started with a warm front and, the jet stream (fast flowing air currents) separating the warm air from the cold which is made instability around the jet stream. Those same conditions are present now.  That’s why weather forecasters are saying a derecho could occur, on Thursday or today (Wednesday).

June 12, 2013 Photo

June 12, 2013 Photo

Wednesday's Forecast

Wednesday’s Forecast

Wednesday's Forecast

Thursday’s Forecast


Isaac has made landfall

Kids on a bench on the shore of Lake Pontchatrain

Plaquernines Parish Aug 29, 2012

Bayou La Batre August 28, 2012

These are pics from Hurricane Isaac taken yesterday and today. I cannot believe the pic of two boys and a dog playing in the lake during a hurricane. Some tornadoes are expected with this storm so we pray that everyone will be safe. Because of this storm my dad is going to have to work overtime dealing with insurance claims.  Because the storm is moving so slowly, 15″ – 25″ of rain is expected.  One good thing might be that the storm will put enough water in the Mississippi River to let the barges and boats go up and down again.  By the time it gets to the Great Lakes it is expected to give 5″ to 10″ of rain.