Philadelphia Rains

I know this is late and I’m sorry for that but I’ve been traveling a ton so my report is late but here it is!!! So I’ve herd that Philadelphia has had a ton of rain, actually record rainfall!!!

Heavy rains cause the old rainfall record to be destroyed, and make big floods! The rains have trapped drivers and authorities have had to shut down some roads. The rains have had American Airline flights to shut down at the Philadelphia International Airport because the rains.

A record daily rainfall of 8.26 inches fell Sunday August 4th, at Philadelphia International Airport, said by the National Weather Service. The number had incresed overnight the total was 7.99 earlier. More than 7,  i’m not kidding , 7 inches fell in a a 4 HOUR PEIRIOD!! (To me thats a lot, but hey I’m young!!!)

That’s a lot!!! To where it passed the previous record of Tropical Storm Floyd, which was 6.63 inches. It was set in September 1999. On Sunday the 4th, of August, 8 cars were submerged in high water at the Eastbound lane of  I-76 at Kings Highway. Two humans were left stranded in a car in the middle of the street. Police said they were rescued I don’t know how. Thankfully there were no injuries!!!



car rain






Cute Cat: Hey guys I’m back

Leah: Hi Cuteness

Cute Cat: I’m really sorry for the people in philadelphia

Leah: Me too

Cuteness:  Homes were flooded um peoples cars were washed away 😦


Leah: See u in the next post Cuteness!!!

Cuteness: Bye!!!!


Why Weather?

The main thing is the sun.  While the earth rotates it is colder when dark and warmer when light.  Hot air moves towards cold air so when the sun beats down it creates heat and hotter air and higher pressure.  But the opposite occurs at night.  Now when it’s dark it will be somewhat colder and lower the pressure somewhat.  So the movement of air from hotter areas to colder areas creates wind.  The wind and the hot sun pull moisture from the oceans, lake, river, and ground  and creates clouds.  When the when the warm cloudy air hits the colder air you often get rain, sleet, snow or hail.  Sometime you get hurricanes or tornadoes. Also the earth rotates right to left or from the east to the west. This rotation tends to pull the wind from the west towards the east and along with the higher temperatures toward the equator the wind usually wants to got from the southwest to the northeast.

In another blog I will write more about fronts…the place where most of the weather action occurs.

Cat watching the rain

Cat watching the rain


Cat in the snow


Cat after hail storm


Lucky cat being found after tornado