the jet stream with a tropical storm

The last few weeks have been very unusual for the US.  The western part of the US suffered from record high temperatures.  Triple-digit temperatures went as far east as Texas, with Corpus Christi shattering its all-time high with a reading of 107 Fahrenheit (42 Celsius). In Utah, Salt Lake City hit 105F (41C) at the airport, a record high for the date. On June 30th the temperature in Death Valley reached 129 degrees, a record for June.  The central US enjoyed much cooler temperatures than normal, while the eastern US got soaked.  All this was because the jet stream over the US changed from it’s normal pattern by dipping down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Very Unusual Jetstream for late June and early July

Very Unusual Jetstream for late June and early July

This week the jet steam is back to it’s normal pattern.  Hot temperatures have returned to the central part of the country.

This week's Jet Stream

This week’s Jet Stream

Next week the Jet Stream is going to drop a little lower bringing relief to the super hot West


Next week's Jet Stream

Next week’s Jet Stream

In the meantime, there is now a tropical storm named Chantal that has formed in the Caribbean.  A tropical storm has to have sustained winds of 40 mph or above to become an actual tropical storm

TS Chantall

TS Chantal

Chantal is not expected to turn into a big hurricane because the water temperature is not yet much over 80 degrees, so there is not enough energy to feed a big hurricane. And the a TS has to be over 65 miles an hour to become a hurricane.  Chantel is expected to just meet the rules for a hurricane for a little while before it moves into the cooler waters of the northern Caribbean.

Chantell's predicted path

Chantell’s predicted path



One thought on “the jet stream with a tropical storm

  1. Daddy says:

    It’s that time of year for hurricanes! Daddy predicts a strong season. Love you B!

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