The Friday Oklahoma tornado!

About 1 week ago there were 3 veteran storm chasers  killed by a EF5 tornado. It had a 16 mile path, 40 mins on the ground,and 2.6 miles wide in a matter of seconds, can you believe it broke the record. The old record was 2.5 miles wide  set on May of 2004. It had winds at about 295 miles an hour -wow! I need a chill pill! The tornado  hit at rush hour. When I heard about it I thought there would be more deaths than there were, but there were only 10 deaths thank you Lord! The tornado was south of El Reno. they believe it got to it strongest point at highway 81. They think it got up to 300 miles an hour! If the tornado had gone through a more populated area, the devastation would have been worse. (back to topic) The veterans names were Jim Samaras, Tim Samaras (the brother), and Paul Samaras (Tim’s son). How sad is that dad, brother, and son killed doing something they love ;( . They all lived in Colorado and, chased in the tornado ally. The Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma said they did tornado research.


the tornados path

the tornados path

the tornado
the tornado

a truck
a truck

the 3 veterans
the 3 veterans

them agin
them again







One thought on “The Friday Oklahoma tornado!

  1. Agent 007 says:

    Hello Leah!!! This is your favorite cousin!!! Did you know you had false info? I did!!! The first tornado was 2.6 miles wide. And killed 26 people. It was the largest tornado ever recorded. The second tornado was a lot smaller and, killed 3 storm chasers. They tried to out run the tornado but, it killed them. I hope Oklahoma will have a quick recovery!
    Hey, I sailed in lake Texoma before! It was great!

    And for all of you viewers…

    LEAH’S THE GREATEST 2ND COUSIN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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