DIY Weather Forecasting: Looking at Clouds

Did you know that different types of clouds can show you what weather is coming and how soon?

Knowing these signs can be very useful if you do not have a phone or TV on you.

For example: Cloud cover on a winter night means you can expect warmer weather, because clouds prevent heat radiation that would lower the temperature on a clear night.

Clouds moving in different directions on different layers mean bad weather is probably coming soon.

Cumulonimbus Cloud

Cumulonimbus Cloud

Cumulonimbus clouds that appear early in the day mean that ugly weather may be coming soon.

Cirrus Clouds

Cirrus Clouds

Cirrus clouds in the sky at very high levels usually mean bad weather in the next 36 hours.

Altocumulous Clouds

Altocumulous Clouds

Altocumulus clouds, which are like mackerel scales, also “mean” bad weather within the next 36 hours.   Mackerel skies and mares tails formations sometimes appear in the same sky. When that happens, rain is sure to follow the next day. I think that looks like a wave and I’ve never seen a mackerel.

Towering Cumulous Cloud

Towering Cumulous Cloud

A towering cumulous clouds means possible showers during the day.

Nimbostratus clouds

Nimbostratus clouds

Nimbostratus clouds mean rain is probably on the way.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Weather Forecasting: Looking at Clouds

  1. Daddy says:

    I like the pic-“accchu” bless me!

  2. Agent 007 says:

    those clouds are very beautiful!!!

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