Winter Storms Athena and Brutus

On November 7th Winter Storm Athena struck the northeastern US. The Weather Channel made it clear in October that they would name major winter storms that have an impact on major population centers.  The November 7, 2012 that struck  the northern east coast was given a name because it occurred following Hurricane Sandy and hit major population centers.  As much as a foot of snow fell in some places and over 10,000 people lost power.

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ November 7, 2012


Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ… November 8, 2012

On November 11th Winter Storm Bruce hit the northern Rockies, blanketing the region with over a foot of snow.  In some places this was twice the snowfall of all of last year.

Then National Weather Service seems pretty unhappy about the Weather Channel naming storms without their permission…However, it looks like this idea is going to stick.


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