Aftermath of Super Storm Sandy

Sandy has left but people are still recovering.  Most people have power…some don’t.  Subways and underground  tunnels were flooded.   The Atlantic City boardwalk was destroyed.  Fire destroyed 50 homes on Breezy Point, Queens.  More than 100 people died in 10 states from trees falling into their homes, walls collapsing from flooding, and drowning.  My dad is in Maryland right now helping to adjust claims caused by the disaster that was caused by Sandy.  We miss you daddy!  Stay safe and come back as soon as you can.

Boardwalk under water

New Jersey Shore

Oct. 30, 2012 – 5 miles South of Atlantic City, N.J.

Water coming through doors in subway station in NYC

NYC Flooding lower Manhattan 7th St

Kent Island Maryland

Battery Park Tunnel, NYC under water


3 thoughts on “Aftermath of Super Storm Sandy

  1. Daddy says:

    Daddy is in Maryland helping out the storm victims remotely. I am managing others who are out helping people recover from the unexpected. My special, understanding, mature daughter lets me do this, although so hard to be away from her and my family because she knows people need my help. Love you so much B!

  2. Good collection of photos Leah. I had a friend at work whose whole block where he grew up is gone. Pretty sad all the devastation that water can bring. love you granny

  3. leahsweather says:

    Hay thank you for commenting on my website guys and gals this is so great mostly thanking my papa but my dad who is in Maryland helping storm people. I wish that ever botty is safe and home with power and love. All so my dad youse to give tetty bears to kids with no toys. He works for state farm even now the cat team gives them tetty bears. Even thow he is not with me I know to prowed of my father to be working for a good company and helping people. I want to thank all or state farms people for helping! What is the most important is to help not wait for help to come. Leah

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