Cold Fronts

The Cold Front – Near Dallas, Texas Oct 8, 2012

Well “cold fronts” can be kind of hard to explain:

Cold fronts occur between centers of high and low pressure.  Colder air from the center of high pressure flows towards the center of low pressure, where the warm air rises. Cold fronts move  rather fast, slide underneath,  and raise the warm air in front of them.  Cold fronts usually cause precipitation, because they cool the air to the point where the humidity condenses.  Sometimes the cold air also goes over the warm air at the same time.  When this happens violent thunderstorms may occur.

The larger the pressure the faster the air flows.  When larger amounts of cold air start moving they can create a  large front of several hundred miles of width.

Another thing about cold fronts is they usually cause a big drop in temperature.  Day before yesterday, Monday, the temperature was 38 degrees in the morning and rose to 58 degrees in the afternoon.  Normally, this time of year Dallas has lows of about 70 degrees and highs in the 80-90 degree range.

  Extreme temperature differences on either side of a cold front

Another interesting thing about cold fronts is how extreme the temperatures differences can become as one passes by. Later we need to talk about how these areas of high and low pressure get started in the first place.

Get ready for more cold fronts coming to you this fall!


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