And my next blog will be…

OK. I don’t have enough time with soccer, school etc to do a blog this week so how about I give everyone a vote on what you want to see a blog on next?

Please comment on which of these weather related phenomena you want to learn about next:

1. Nocitilucent Clouds
2. Fire Rainbows
3. Ball Lightning


Differences between hurricanes and tornadoes

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between tornadoes and hurricanes? Today I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned:


Possibly an f5 tornado

  1. Very rarely over a mile wide
  2. Always form over land
  3. Usually last only minutes, sometimes an hour or more
  4. Are dependent on a large storm to develop to keep going
  5. Have winds that can reach 300 miles an hour
  6. Always create a funnel


Hurricane Ivan as seen from the International Space Station

  1. Hundreds of miles wide
  2. Always form over warm ocean water
  3. Last for days and sometimes well over a week
  4. Produce rain and flooding
  5. Independent and self sustaining
  6. Have winds ranging from 74 to 200 MPH

Isaac’s destruction


Where Isaac is now

Bringing back the electricity

LaPlace, La – Aug 31, 2012

Reserve, La. – Sept. 1, 2012

Verret, La. – Sept 1, 2012

LaPlace, La – Sept 1, 2012

Ironton, La. – Aug 31, 2012

LaPlace, La. – Aug 31, 2012

LaPlace La. – Sept 1, 2012

I wonder if this is the longest lasting tropical depression / hurricane ever?

I hope everyone who had their homes flooded or demolished soon get food, shelter, clothing, and everything else they need. And that they find family, friends and pets.