Hello Everybody!

Hi. I am Leah. I’m 9 and this is my weather site.  When I grow up  I want to be a meteorologist.  This blog is here to tell you about the weather and show you pictures of weather.  I will give you the name, what it does, what happens because of the weather..I LOVE WEATHER

Let’s get started with a rare shot of lightning in a volcanic eruption.

This is very cool. Lot’s of lightning. Do not try to touch this at home


11 thoughts on “Hello Everybody!

  1. Stacey Bodwell says:

    wow- that looks like a storm monster!

  2. John Bodwell says:

    Very funny Ms. Leah B. I love your site!!!! I’m so proud of you. My smart smart young woman.

  3. Uncle yim! says:

    Cool lightning pic! Looks like Stacey when she I’s mad at me!!!!!!

  4. Jenny Bodwell says:

    Leah, I am do very proud of you. It is such a good feeling to find something you love doing! Keep posting!

  5. Kristalle Jaime says:

    Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to see this live 🙂 I am so proud of you. Never forget what you are passionate about.

  6. Grandpa says:

    Great pictures and comments, Leah. Your great greatgrandmother Frances (Pomeroy), my mother, loved the weather and took lots of pictures.She would love these.

  7. Mrs. Griffin says:

    Miss Leah!
    I’m so proud of you! I have a little girl that LOVES weather too!!! You must have rubbed off on her as much as you loved and hugged my belly!!!
    Bradley and I are looking forward to learning more from you!

  8. Heather Russell says:

    Very cool, Leah. I can’t wait to see more!

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