If you want to see something odd, what about moonbows.  They don’t occur very often.  Just when the moon is full or almost full.  And it is no more than 42 degrees up in the sky.  And you need a source of water vapor such as you might find near a water fall or during a light rain.



May 30, 2012 Super Derecho


May 30, 2012 introduced many of us to a new weather term.  I know it is the first time I’ve ever heard of it.   A super derecho is a storm system that has very high straight-line winds.  We saw a system like this most recently on June 30, 2012.   It had winds of up to 100 mph.   The storm knocked out electricity to parts of 6 states in the mid-Atlantic region for up to five days..  But this was not the first Super Derecho in our history.  Another occurred May 8, 2009.  And others in prior years.  But they do not happen very often.  For which we should all be thankful


Shelf Cloud – Richmond, Virginia – July 17, 2012

This photo was taken by a friend of Joyce Lapsley and sent to me.  This is the scariest wall cloud I’ve ever seen. I thought it was a wall cloud but when Joyce’s husband Robin saw it, he said it was a Shelf Cloud and also sent in another photo taken  at the same time from East Broad Street looking west.

Shelf clouds are caused by a downdraft in front of a weakening storm.

Hello Everybody!

Hi. I am Leah. I’m 9 and this is my weather site.  When I grow up  I want to be a meteorologist.  This blog is here to tell you about the weather and show you pictures of weather.  I will give you the name, what it does, what happens because of the weather..I LOVE WEATHER

Let’s get started with a rare shot of lightning in a volcanic eruption.

This is very cool. Lot’s of lightning. Do not try to touch this at home